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What is special about 365mc Bariatric Surgery Center?

Introduction of Morbid Obesity Surgery Center Head

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Cho Min-Young, Joint Chief Doctor

Conducted and presented a number of international academic conference activities and papers Dr. Cho Min-Young experienced some 800 cases of surgeries with Dr. Raulogental a world prominent authority of Morbid obesity surgery in Cleveland Clinic of Florida, the U.S. Besides, he is a master of Morbid obesity surgery, contributing numerous papers on Morbid Obesity surgery to international academic journals.

Message from Dr. Raul Rosenthal

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Dr. Raul Rosenthal

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter on behalf of Dr. Cho whom I have the privilege to know for the last 5 years. Dr. Cho was a visiting Professor at Cleveland Clinic Florida in 2004 and during that time he demonstrated to be one of the brightest surgeons I had the opportunity to train because of his knowledge, dexterity and experience. I am certain that because of the above mentioned he will be of great value to treat morbidly obese community of patients in Korea. I am certain that Dr. Cho’s 365mc Bariatric surgery center will be of great value and success.

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