Privacy Policy

365mc Global Values Privacy:

365mc Global Hospital values the import of the privacy of patients personal information. It gives a huge importance to the protection of personal information of our patients. We follow the Personal information protection act of the Republic of Korea. We have accepted this privacy policy to notify you of  its policies with respect to the information collected from this website. This privacy policy simplifies the purpose of collecting information provided by the patients and the  method to protect the information provided by the patients.

The Information 365mc Global Hospital Collects:

Along with the items of personal information collected and the process of collecting the personal information, it is the policy of the 365mc Global Hospital to collect a specific items of personal information for medical services. The patients in the 365mc Global Hospital are inquiring for  providing the information asked on the website for the treatment they ask for. Personal information such as E-mail is mandatory to provide by the patient for communications or medical services.

The procedure 365mc Global Hospital uses personal information:

In accordance with the conditions of  Korea’s Medical Service Act, All clinics are compelled to make a unique identification and treatment information. The information 365mc Global Hospital is collected from the patients are age, Nationality. Contact number, Surgery experiences and the Surgery what the patient wants. The information collected from the patients to provide the services such as Surgery  what the patient wants, the payment procedure, issuing refunds and so on.

Information Destroying Procedure:

After completing the treatment procedure, the personal information provided by the patients will destroy knowing their permission by the clinic authority without any additional delay. The information that is accumulated in an electronic file is deleted immediately by any technical method to prevent the possibility to recover the information further. The information that are printed are destroyed by slicing the paper or burning.

Security of personal information:

The personal information that is given by the patients to the Hospital is totally protected. Personal information is not distributed to any other person, companies or institution or insurance. The clinic does not use the personal information given by the patient in any other purpose rather than the medical purpose. In some exceptional cases, information can be given to the patient apprehension.

In some cases, Information about the patients that are recorded can be required for Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service to request payment for treatment benefits costs in keeping with the provisions of Korean’s National Health Insurance Act then the information will be provided in a layout where the specific person can be identified.
The patient can communicate the personal information manager by phone, fax. writing, or any other way to remove the information immediately and the manager will execute the instruction without any delay for deleting the personal information of the patient.

The cookies are very small files that can store and retrieve patient information, the server use to operate the clinic’s website sends to the patient’s browser and then the cookies are stored in the patient’s computer hard disk. This clinic operates ‘cookies’ for some purposes.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

We may occasionally modify our privacy policy  and 365mc Global Hospital reserves the right to modify the privacy policy at any time without any notice to you. 365mc Global Hospital encourages you to review the modified privacy policy for the latest information on our privacy practices.

Contact Details:

If anyone have any inquiries regarding this policy, please contact us for further information.

E-mail: doctor@365mcglobal.com

Website: https://365mcglobal.com

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