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What is special about 365mc Bariatric Surgery Center?

01. How long does bariatric surgery take?

Gastric Sleeve takes about 1-2 hours and Gastric Bypass takes about 2-3 hours.

02. When can one return to their daily life after surgery?

One day of hospitalization or discharge within the day is possible, as new connection or incision of the stomach is not necessary for gastric banding. Receiving surgery a week after is recommended for office workers. Gastric Bypass requires 2~ 3 days of hospitalization. Going back to daily life and working is possible after 7~14 days. If a patient must travel by air, over 10 hours, 1 week after for gastric banding, and 2 weeks after for Gastric Bypass is recommended.

03. What is the concept for treating morbid obesity with bariatric surgery?

The goal of bariatric surgery lies on restricting food intake. Moreover, along with food intake, some methods also induce weight loss by restricting a certain level of nutrition intake.

04. What are the types of bariatric surgeries?

There are over 10 types of bariatric surgeries known. Among these, the most effective and safe one is gastric bypass that is popular in the U.S. Gastric banding started from Sweden and is popular in Europe. Gastric sleeve which has been recognized recently for its effect and safety is on the increasing trend.

05. How much weight loss can be expected ater bariatric surgery?

You can expect over 50% weight loss from the initial exceeded weight within the first 1 year of surgery, and in good cases you can even expect more than 75% from the exceeded weight. Different from whole body liposuction, bariatric is very effective for morbid obesity as it not only reduces fat but it also reduces subcutaneous and visceral fat of the whole body at the same time.

06. How big is the scar after bariatric surgery?

As 365mc performs surgeries using advanced medical equipments (minimum invasive laparoscopic), there’s low risk of infection, leaving a minor scar and giving high satisfaction aesthetically.

07. How big is the pain after bariatric surgery?

We cannot say there is no pain at all after the surgery. However, we at 365mc perform laparoscopic surgery which enables no incision of the whole operating part. In addition we are minimizing the post surgery pain by using a painless vein anesthesia executed by anesthetic specialists residing in our center. Because of this, you can expect fast recovery with minimum pain.

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