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365mc Hospital is a hospital that holds the record for the largest number of liposuction operations in Korea. Our specialists produce the best outcome through ample experience in their parts of specialization. Our three hospitals located in Seoul, Busan, and Daejeon perform over 1,000 liposuctions a month. We also operate the Liposuction Revision Center for improving and handling postsurgery problems including line imbalance and under-correction.

Three rules of liposuction revision


“Revision may produce less dramatic changes compared to the first surgery. Revision does, however, improve and correct errors from the first surgery. 365mc Hospital’s liposuction revision accurately identifies and diagnoses the patient’s condition, and provides honest feedback to customers on which parts can and cannot be improved. We then do our best to perform a successful surgery.”


Lee Seon-hoㅣChairmanㅣ15,000MC*

Global 365mc Hospital Chief of Representative Hospital / Director of Regional Inhalation High Level Re-surgical Center

*The 15000MC (Master’s Club) has a record of more than 15,000 liposuction cases and is a very small class worldwide.


“Most unsuccessful liposuctions either fail to adhere to the basic principles or do not take into consideration the different body types. An anesthesiologist accompanies 365mc Hospital’s liposuction revision. We also adhere to the principles of surgery based on the delicate line correction knowledge of the revision surgeon to determine the most appropriate revision method and perform a transparent surgery.”


Park Yun-chanㅣHead Directorㅣ10,000MC*

The author of the book, “All About Re-surgery of Local Inhalation,” which is a book devoted to re-surgery of liposuction

*The 10000MC (Master’s Club) has a record of more than 10,000 liposuction cases and is a very small class worldwide.


“Liposuction revision is a very difficult surgery. Even if you check the patient’s condition beforehand and plan accordingly, unexpected situations will still likely occur. Our operation team has the knowledge and experience to adequately and quickly respond to such situations to provide a safe and successful surgery.”


Ahn Jea-hyeonㅣDirectorㅣ10,000MC*

Re-surgery of Liposuction by the Korean Association of Liposuction / Lived Surge Demonstration Instructor

*The 10000MC (Master’s Club) has a record of more than 10,000 liposuction cases and is a very small class worldwide.

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