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Calf Reduction Korea

There are many cosmetic procedures we can get done in order to achieve the perfect figure we have always wanted. And one of the most common surgeries of this kind is Korean calf reduction.

Calf reduction Korea is an extremely popular cosmetic surgery, special in Asian countries, were both men and women have generally shorter and chubbier legs than European and American people.

This surgery is aimed to help them get slimmer, long-looking legs. However, as popular as this cosmetic procedure is, it is dedicated, and there are a couple of things you should know first.

What is Korean Calf Reduction Surgery all about

Unlike most cosmetic surgeries like liposuction and face contouring, calf reduction Korea isn’t about removing fat out of your body, but about removing part of the muscle located in your calf.

This is due to the fact calves, as big as they might seem, they don’t hold almost any fat, they are mostly muscles located in that area, which is why the surgery is focus on removing the muscle and making your legs look slimmer than before.

Why you should get Korean calf reduction

As any other cosmetic procedure, people get a Korean calf reduction done because they aren’t comfortable with how “chubby” their lower legs look like and they want to fix that part of their appearance.

If you feel this way towards your body and are trying to achieve a slim body, with long, beautiful legs, then this surgery is definitely for you. Specially if you are suffering from abnormally broad calves.

How the procedure is done

During the calf reduction surgery Korea, the doctor will either “burn” the muscle in your calf in order to reduce its size, or will block the nerves in your calf muscle to also significantly reduce its size.

The procedure takes an hour tops, and you will have to be under local anesthesia during the whole process. However, no hospitalization is required, and you won’t have to get any stitches removed.

As to the recovery time, it is extremely short, lasting only 2 days, in which you should rest. Like you might have notice, this is a very easy going medical procedure!

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