Calf Reduction Korea

There are many cosmetic procedures we can get done in order to achieve the perfect figure we have always wanted. And one of the most common surgeries of this kind is Korean calf reduction.

Calf reduction Korea is an extremely popular cosmetic surgery, special in Asian countries, were both men and women have generally shorter and chubbier legs than European and American people.

This surgery is aimed to help them get slimmer, long-looking legs. However, as popular as this cosmetic procedure is, it is dedicated, and there are a couple of things you should know first.

What is Korean Calf Reduction Surgery all about ?

Generally no matter how thick a calf may seem, it is mostly made up of nerves and muscle with a considerably low amount of fat
Therefore during a calf reduction procedure, the surgeon has to mainly pay attention to tending to the nerves and muscle, unlike most other cosmetic surgeries like liposuction, face contouring etc.

Why you should get Korean calf reduction ?

At often times having calves with overly thick muscles may hinder ones appearance making them seem more short and chubby. This makes them uncomfortable and henceforth, people turn to the likes of Korean Calf Reduction to alter their appearance.

How the procedure is done

Calf reduction can be carried out by 3 procedures
Non Invasive Calf Reduction (NICR)
A superfine laser is utilized in order to block mobility and usage of the nerves within the Soleus muscle and the gastrocnemius muscle. This disables those nerves simulating the muscle, which in turn causes the muscle to thin down. This procedure is done under the influence of local anesthesia.
The entire process takes about an hour and has no risk of scarring, with zero hospitalization period and the recovery period is only 2 days to a week.
Calf Botox
A series of injections are applied to the calf muscle in order to stick the muscle firmly in place. As the muscle loses its mobility, with time it shrinks.
This is the smallest and easiest procedure to deal with calf muscles and also has no recovery time to deal with.


An incision is made with a liquid that breaks up the fat particles inside the calf. Following that a cannula is used to suck out all the excessive fat cells
The procedure may take a couple of hours and has a recovery period of about a week.

The result of these procedures always consists of smooth, slim and long legs.

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