Male Breast Reduction Korea

Women aren’t the only ones who can get breast surgery done. Actually, men who have overweight, or who have been gone through some dramatically weight loss, can get get breast surgery too, but in this case, is better known as Korean male breast reduction.

This surgery is focus on removing the “male boobs” formed in a man’s body whether because he has gained a lot of weight, or because he has lose it, and the fat was accumulated there.

What is male breast reduction Korea

Like we briefly mentioned before a Korean male breast reduction is a plastic surgery performed on men who have grown “male boobs” which is a term referring to the accumulation of fat in the chest area that makes it seem like men have feminine boobs.

Some men have fat accumulated in the chest area, others might suffer from overly develop mammary glands, which may result in a feminine looking chest. This is a problem, since it can’t be removed through exercising or losing weight, only through this surgery.

How does Korean male breast reduction works

Gynecomastia also known as male breast reduction surgery in Korea, can be done in two different ways, both of them being non invasive and pretty quickly. The first one is known as the incision method.

The incision method basically means the doctor will perform a small incision right underneath the breast and will proceed to remove the fat located there. Think about it almost as a liposuction, since fat is being removed through a cannula, similar to the procedure done during a liposuction.

The second method is known as the mammary gland reduction method or technique. It is still done through a very small incision underneath the areola, but this time, no cannula is inserted, but rather they focus on removing the mammary gland tissues.

Useful information about the Korean male breast reduction surgery

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