All You Need To Know About Gynecomastia Surgery

Gyneocomestia is a medical condition where male breast size enlarges with a layer of fat and tissue gland. It can happen due to hormonal imbalance during the growth year. It usually affects men during 20 to 50 years.

Gynecomestia surgery-Why it is important?

Gynecomestia can affect the self esteem of men. They might feel ashamed of the development of their breast tissue. Sometimes other people might say things about their breasts that may make them feel uncomfortable about themselves.

Gynecomestia surgery procedure:

Doctor might choose one of two methods for surgery. Excision method and excision combined with liposuction.

Excision method: If glands beneath are the main problem then doctor uses excision technique. They make incisions along the areola of the breast and remove glands beneath them.

Excision combined with liposuction: This method is used when fat tissue is main reason behind breast enlargement. Using liposuction they remove breast fat and then make skin excision to remove glands that might cause gyneocomestia reappear. Based on patients condition doctor may decide which one will be suitable for the patient.

Result of the surgery:

The result of the surgery is visible immediate after surgery. The patient might feel some tingling sensation but it is very much tolerable.


Patient will be put under Local anesthesia so that he sleeps during the procedure. As it is a very small surgery patient might not need to stay at the hospital. They can go home on the same day of surgery. They might have to wear compression garments to make sure there is no swelling over the surgical site.

Recovery from surgery:

Recovery might take 7-10 days. During this period patient should avoid any heavy physical work or heavy exercise as it might cause pain on the incision site.

When to call the doctor:

If patients notices bleeding or inching on the incision site or pus oozing out, pain in spite of taking proper medication than they should call doctor or visit hospital immediately as these are signs of infection that must be treated immediately for quick recovery.

Before And After Gynecomastia Surgery

Before After Gynocomestia Surgery
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