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LAMS [Local Anesthetic Minimal-invasive lipo-Suction]

New Evolution-LAMS
LAMS [Local Anesthetic Minimal-invasive lipo-Suction]

LAMS disease treatment is a new type of obesity treatment method that integrated strong points of liposuction and non-surgical treatment with powerful know-how techniques of 365mc.

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Process of LAMS Disease Treatment:

  • Tunneling : Forming discharged tunnel by applying physical shock so that it helps to discharge in dept of fat
  • Extracting Fat : Immediately extract fat where you concerned
  • Dissolving Surrounding : Dissolve surrounding of extra fats by inserting specialized medical liquid for lipolysis
  • Extracting Dissolved Fat : Through the optimized aftercare treatment, it helps to discharging extra dissolved fats quickly from the body
  • Cycle : Once in a month