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of Liposuction & Lams
performed (Reference by 2020-02-29)

Performing the most number of Liposuctions in the world without any medical incident

Over 16 years of successful fat reduction surgery experience, over 4 million surgeries completed aiming for 5 million mark

“More than 4 million surgeries performed and now moving toward a 5 million mark”

365mc was born to serve the weight loss and body shaping needs of our patients.365mc provides the safest procedures with proven results, which leads to our patients’unyielding trusts and supports.

  • Over 4 million fat reduction procedures performed


  • Over 143,238 successful liposuction surgeries


  • 80,000 patient reviews about positive weight loss treatments experience


  • 16 weight loss clinics nationwide
  • Certified by the Korea Record Institute as the hospital with the highest number of liposuction performed


  • Meet all the safety and regulation requirement imposed by the Ministry of Health & Welfare
  • Published books on Local Anesthesia Minimal Invasive Liposuction (LAMS), liposuction, and revision liposuction based on years of experience and knowledge


  • One of 365mc Clinics has been accredited by The Ministry of Health & Welfare of Korea as a medical service provider with the highest quality standard designed for a hospital grade operation, passing the stringent tests ( over 500 categories) set by Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation ( KOIHA)  which also meets the standard set by International Society for quality in Healthcare.


  • The first plastic surgery clinic to be certified by the Ministry of Health & Welfare as the top quality surgery center

365mc strives to set the global standard for weight loss and body sculpting procedures by hosting numerous international seminars and attending conferences to educate other doctors. 365mc offers the gold standard of the safest and the most result-driven fat reduction surgeries.

Innovation in obesity treatment! “MAIL System”

What is the “MAIL System” jointly developed by 365mc and Microsoft?

365mc, with its unmatched number of liposuction operations worldwide, developed the AI-supported MAIL System with Microsoft.The core technology involves attaching a motion sensor to the end of a fat-extracting cannula to store the doctor’s hand motions asdata. The data are then collected in cloud storage through the “Azure IoT Suite” and analyzed using the “Azure learning machine” tooptimize the results and ensure the safety of liposuction.


+ Awards

365MC announces global advancement, plans to open 100 clinics in ASEAN countries



Hello. ‘Obesity only’, We are 365MC.

On the Dec 17th, 365MC announced the global advancement with about 500 guests at the Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul.

JYSK Group Jennifer Yeo-Tan, CEO of JYSK Group, said, “We are convinced that 365MC, which has focused on only one obesity and has become the best medical institution in the area of liposuction, will become the global No.1 obesity hospital with rare expertise in the world.”

Kim Ha-jin, chairman of the 365mc Chairman’s Council, said, “365mc’s obesity medicine technology will enhance Korea’s position in the world.” He also appointed Cho Min-young as chairman of global advancement.

Global experts were also formed to join forces with Chairman Min-Young Cho for the successful launch of 365MC.

+ Awards 2

2018 Medical Korea awards, ‘New technology innovation for Obesity Treatment’ field Grand Prize Winner.



365mc has won the Grand Prize in the “New technology innovation for Obesity Treatment” field at the 2018 Medical Korea Awards sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

+ Awards 3

2018 Korean-Chinese Health & Beauty awards, ‘Liposuction’ field Grand Prize Winner.



Hello. This is 365mc, ’Devoted to obesity only’.

365mc has won the Grand Prize in the “Liposuction” field at the 2018 Korean-Chinese Health & Beauty awards
2018 Korean-Chinese Health & Beauty awards, sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea Consumer Agency etc., is an award ceremony that chooses and announces the best Korean brand that can influence not only Korea but the also the world.

+ Awards 4

2018 Global Health Care Awards ‘New liposuction technology innovation award’ prize winner, 365mc.



Hello. This is 365mc, ’Devoted to obesity only’.

365mc has been awarded the ‘New liposuction technology innovation award’ at 2018 Global Health Care Awards, which was held on the 12th this month, at the Nam-san Central tower, Jung-gu, Seoul.
This award ceremony was held for the purpose of discovering excellent medical institutes, which have contributed to enhancing Korea’s global competitiveness through noticeable progress.

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