All about calf reduction

A lot of the times overly muscular calves put off the overall appearance of one’s body, making the individual appear quite short and chubby. This feature cuts down the level of one’s appearance, making them seem less attractive.
A feature such as this may hinder one’s body confidence to the utmost level. The calf mostly is a buildup of nerve and muscles, with very little amount of fat deposits. Therefore, unlike other volume reducing procedures, Surgeons have to pay extra attention dealing with the calf muscle and nerves.
There are several procedures that provide outstanding results in combatting this issue, the most popular ones being:
Now, let us dive into further understanding of each of these procedures.

Non Invasive Calf Reduction (NICR)
At often times people who want a solution to this issue turn to NICR. It is quite popular for people who have enough time to spare and want to go for the procedure with the least reoccurring period.
A superfine laser is utilized in order to block mobility and usage of the nerves within the Soleus muscle and the gastrocnemius muscle. This disables those nerves simulating the muscle, which in turn causes the muscle to thin down.
This procedure is done under the influence of local anesthesia. Using a superfine laser with high accuracy rate ensures the protection of other nerves.
The entire process takes about an hour and has no risk of scarring, with zero hospitalization period and the recovery period being only 2 days to a week is just the cherry on top.

Calf Botox
This little procedure is largely obsessed over by people who have very little time to spare and wants to face remarkable changes on the go.
A series of injections are applied to the calf muscle in order to stick the muscle firmly in place. As the muscle loses its mobility, with time it shrinks.
This is the smallest and easiest procedure to deal with calf muscles. It doesn’t leave behind any sort of scarring or require any sort of anesthetic whatsoever. Also has no recovery time to deal with.
The procedure needs to be repeated every 6 to 12 months depending on the intensity and amount of change needed.

Calf liposuction is ideal for the ones that have mostly excessive fat to deal with and less amount of excess muscles.
This is a minimal invasive procedure. An incision is made with a liquid that breaks up the fat particles inside the calf. Following that a cannula is used to suck out all the excessive fat cells, leaving the calf looking slimmer and firmer than ever.
The procedure may take a couple hours and has a recovery period of about a week. The procedure may be repeated after a certain amount of time, depending on the body’s ability to redeposit fat surrounding the calf muscles.

All these procedure tend to be quite different in process while sharing the same goal. They are advised and distributed among the audience depending on their demands, requirements and body state.
No matter which process is followed, the outcome always beholds smooth, slim and attractive legs.

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