Liposuction : Recovery and healing instructions

Post liposuction care comes in a series of restrictive activities. In order to commence fast and proper healing, a set of rules and suggestions must be followed through.

Starting from right after, it is wise to have a responsible adult drive the patient home. It is crucially important for the patient to make slow, cautious movements at least for the first 2 days.

Furthermore, a patient is advised to visit the clinic every 3-4 days after the surgery for checking, disinfecting and sewing up the surgery area.

Any sort of sudden pressure must be avoided on the targeted area. To avoid any sort of accident and to speed up proper healing compression garments are to be used for a month or so. Also, the patient must be extremely careful while taking it off at all times.

Some complication such as swelling may have to be dealt with, this is normal and will go down on its own with time. The medical liquid that was injected during liposuction may ooze out with blood, that’s normal too. Just wiping it off with a clean gauze is good enough.

Now for the stitches, those are normally taken out after 14 days. Showering is suggested after the stitches are removed, yet still water proof bandages can be used while the stitches are on, but even that is prohibited for the first week.

After the procedure light and non-greasy meals are suggested for the first ten days. Loads of water must be consumed after the procedure. Drinking and smoking is strictly prohibited atleast for a month.

In order to clap back to regular life, patients are suggested to take a 30 minute walk every single day, after the stitches are removed.

Hot packs, iced packs, electric blankets these should not come in contact with the targeted area at all. After liposuction, the skin is dull and temperature detection is close to null, therefore it is extremely easy to get burned.

Once these set of instructions are followed through and through, quick proper healing and recovery is ensured for good.

Note to every liposuction patient, Liposuction is the introduction of a newly reformed you, with your goal body. But that’s just not the end of it, this body must be maintained with proper exercise and a healthy diet. Let this be a wakeup call for the new You!

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