Ender-Plus & Radio Frequency Fat Melting Treatment

Ender-Plus& Radio Frequency (RF)

* Using sound pressure, pushing and pulling, no pain (by machine)
* Using your body heat, like as massage, no pain


Ender-Plus & Radio Frequency Korea is one of the popular and unique non invasive fat reducing procedures found at 365MC hospitals. This is very popular as it has a record of very notable reductions stubborn fats in a very short time and no recovery period. Ender-plus and Radio Frequency (RF) treatment are very quick, painless, and need no time at all. It is very much low cost fat loss procedure than any other method available.

Korean Ender-Plus & Radio Frequency does not only reduce fat but also the radio frequency fat melting method will increase the production of collagen in the skin and reduces the cellulite and make the skin look softer, firmer and younger. This treatment is very effective for small deposits of fat such as double chin, cheeks, bra pockets; cellulite and etc where it’s very difficult carry other method or procedure for reducing fats.


How Does the Korean Ender-Plus & Radio Frequency (RF) work?

These methods deliver a safe electric and radio frequencies to the treated area with electrodes on the High tech machines which are only available in 365mc hospitals. The radio frequency heats with deep skin penetrations, the brains considers the RF as a strong energy and make the skins to resist the energy causing the skin to tighten which eventually makes the skin smoother and reduce cellulite.

As we age, the activity of elastin decreases and collagen proteins reduces and that is the reason the skin to form wrinkles and become loose at the same it’s enhances the cellulite formation. The heat in the Ender-Plus & Radio Frequency Korea procedure stimulates the collagen and enables it to contract and tighten which shakes the foundation of stubborn fat cells and eventually removes it.

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