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Lipo Laser Treatment Korea


Lipo Laser Korea is a cosmetic procedure for removing body fat that uses a lipo laser to break up fat while minimising the need for harsh suction. There are two types of procedures under this technique. These are internal and external. The internal laser liposuction relies on a lipo laser attached to the suction device or at the end of a fibre-optic probe, while the external liposuction uses a pen-like laser outside the patient’s body before the surgery begins. This is an increasingly popular cosmetic option.

Who Qualifies For The Treatment?

All the patients must be at least 18 years and older. Those below 18yrs can only be considered in exceptional circumstances. The patient should have an ongoing diet and exercise regimen, and the accumulated fats must be in specific body areas. For older people, you may find that your skin will stay saggy after the procedure. If you are doing this for cosmetic purposes, make sure the surgeon is trained in both general and plastic surgery.

What Does Korean Lipo Laser Surgery Cost?

Because lipo laser Korea is often an elective procedure, it is not covered by insurance companies. The patient, therefore, has to pay in cash, credit or through a credible credit facility. The procedure may be available through insurance if it’s part of reconstructive surgery or to treat certain conditions. The medical cost is determined by the amount of body fat you want to have removed. The cost averages about $2500 per area although lots of clinics offer discounts.

Does Lipo Laser Surgery Korea Work?

There are three types of Korean lipo laser. That’s is the Vaser lipo, the smart lipo, and the ultrasound liposuction. While Korean lipo laser does reduce weight, it doesn’t work as a weight loss program either does it address lifestyle issues. It also doesn’t lessen the appearance of cellulite or stretch marks. Just like all other surgical, medical procedures it has its fair share of risk including blood clots, infections, and scarring. The procedure has quicker recovery time.

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