Laser Fat Removal Korea


Laser fat removal surgery is a procedure that trims inches off the waistline without the need for surgical procedures. It’s neither a treatment for obesity or miracle cure for weight issues. It is simply an additional technique to the conventional liposuction procedures. Korean Laser fat removal is best conducted under general anesthesia. Given its cutting edge technologies, it costs a whole lot more.


How it works:

The laser liposuction is known to liquefy the fat inside fat cells which cause them release their contents. As the fat cells release their contents and collapse the volume of your hips, thighs or waistline reduces considerably. The fat cells tend to die after their contents have been released. The Laser Fat Removal Korea procedure is to improve contour, not to firm up your body or act as a weight loss technique. Most patients lose about 2.5cm of their overall weight.


Post-Operative Care:

After the procedure, the area that has been treated should be firmly wrapped to minimize swelling, sores and bruising. A special girdle, elastic bandages, any firm-fitting garment or tape are the best items to use in such instances. The patient might have to wear a compression garment for 3 to 4 weeks. The patient will experience lots of swelling and bruising for the first one to two weeks with lots of fluids draining from the incision. It’s best to use antibiotics, to minimize the risk of infection Korean Laser fat removal surgery.


Do The Results Last?

Patients regain about 1cm on the waists, hips, and thighs, summed together about one month after the Korean Laser fat removal surgery. Researchers are yet to determine what causes this increase in volume. One notable issue is that most clients are never happy with the results compared to cosmetic procedures. That is because of their unrealistic expectations of what is possible and what isn’t. The Laser Fat Removal Korea procedure lasts about 40 minutes a day, done over a six day period.

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