Mesotherapy for Face – Facial Mesotherapy & Skin Rejuvenation

Mesotherapy For Face

Upgraded injection of mixed 3~4 kind of medicinal waters to break down fat



What is Facial Mesotherapy and what would it be able to accomplish for me?

Utilizing a progression of smaller scale injections, our specialists apply a progression of fixings discovered normally in the skin, for example, Hyaluronic corrosive, Vitamins (A, B, C, E, K), Minerals, Coenzymes and Nucleic acids. Korean Mesotherapy For Face enhances the presence of the skin, diminishes hanging and reestablishes hydration.

01. Mesotherapy Facial Treatment

A Facial Mesotherapy treatment Korea is done by injecting little amounts of pharmaceutical, homoeopathic meds, plant extracts, vitamins and also cocktails of nutrients like hyaluronic acid, amino acid and minerals just underneath the surface layer of the skin. This Korean Mesotherapy treatment for face immediately impacts the desired area and quick results can be seen in a few sessions.

Therefore, your face recaptures its lost elasticity, shape and shines like before. Since this non-incision treatment renews the natural substances needed by the skin to rehydrate and repair blemishes, the outcomes are speedy and dependable.

Korean Mesotherapy Facial Treatment is a great option for both men and women of all ages to get back the look of the face and neck.

02. Pigmentations

For expanded pigmentation like Melasma, flaws, spots and post-provocative hyper pigmentation, this treatment is utilized to convey helping operators, as Glutathione and Vitamin C, directly into the skin layers, an immediate result change can be seen in only in few sessions.

03. mesotherapy skin rejuvenation

Mesotherapy Skin Treatment is utilized to inject helping and hostile to maturing materials specifically into the skin layers, supporting better item viability and snappier results with lessened downtime. It can likewise decrease lines and wrinkles, enhance sun-harmed skin; and fills in as a perfect shine mesotherapy skin rejuvenation treatment.

04. Acne scars / scarse

Scar filling, particularly those brought about by skin inflammation, should be possible by controlling materials like hyaluronic corrosive, into the influenced territories. This system is less immoderate than fillers, and one can get brings about only in few sessions.

05. What’s included?

A progression of microinjections is connected at the epidermal layer of the skin. These fixings contain actually happening micronutrients helpful to the skin. The patient feels a gentle pricking sensation, which is typically effortlessly endured.

06. Proposal

Amid treatment it is fitting to take after a low-fat eating routine, evade liquor and different stimulants and beverage a great deal of water to take out poisons.

07. Possible Outcomes

Mesotherapy Facial Treatment Korea battles hanging and maturing of the skin enhances wrinkles furthermore offers glow to the face. It does this by animating the skin tissue, firming and conditioning. It rebuilds full grown skin, repairs post-traumatic skin blemishes and expands the flexibility and hydration of the skin.

08. Post-Treatment

Some wounding may happen after the session which vanishes soon subsequently. Gentle redness may likewise show up which leaves following a couple of hours.

Try not to expose the skin to the sun and utilize a decent sunscreen.


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