Non Surgical HPL Injection For Weight Loss


HPL (Hypotonic Pharmacologic Lipo-Dissolusion) injection (for every 10 days):
* Injection of hypotonic medicine water plentifully into thick layer of fat (1,000cc~2,000cc)


The HPL injection Korea is a great substitute to the liposuction to get a perfect body where it is very difficult to perform. Maintaining a good diet habit, regular exercise and healthy lifestyles are the best solution one can have but this is also the most difficult choice to maintain. Moreover, there are some amounts of fats in the certain areas of our bodies which will never disappear even if you spend entire day on the treadmill.

Keeping in mind to all those factors, there are several procedures which can be adopted to remove the targeted fat. It is very usual that liposuction would comes in the minds first but it’s a surgery which is quite a big decision with longer operating time and recovery period and not ideal to remove small amount of fat. It is also common thought that liposuction is only for obese people and thus people with less weight look for alternatives to treat the stubborn areas of fat.

In that context, among other popular method in 365MC hospital, Korean HPL injection is an effective solution for treatment. This is a non surgical weight loss treatment which used HPL weight loss solution and HPL stands for Hypotonic Pharmacological Lip. HPL injection Korea will simply dissolve in the fat and remove it, in the Korean HPL weight loss solution there are a mixture of substances that are very effective in dissolving fat cells which are later removed by ultrasound. This procedure can be applied to any parts of the body to get the shape by reducing fats.


The Advantage of HPL Injection Korea:

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