Carboxytherapy Treatment Korea

It injects CO2 into subcutaneous transfusion for making aerobic exercise effect and promoting the circulation of the blood.


Korean Carboxytherapy is the method that uses Carbon dioxide which is injected beneath the skin to get rid of stretch marks, cellulite, and scars which also softens the skins. The injection of Carbon Dioxide is given just under the surface of the skin which stimulates the blood circulation and increases the collagen production thus results more metabolisms and the whole process improves the appearance of the skin. The process of aging causes the capillaries of the muscles weak and inactive which reduces the blood circulation. The low blood circulation provides less oxygen to the skin cells and affects the regenerating ability of the cells which is very important features of the cell to make the skin looks smooth and brighter. When carbon dioxide is being injected the cells respond to the need of oxygen which influences the blood circulation. The increase of blood flow delivers more oxygen along with the important nutrients to cells and gave them the ability to cell restoration.


How does Carboxy Therapy Korea work?

Carbon Dioxide is invisible and a odorless gas which is present in the air we breathe. It is injected with a very fine needle beneath the skin which is then diffuses in the tissue and causes the blood vessels to dilate which ensure more blood flow. A increase in blood supply brings more oxygen and nutrients in the treatment area.

There is also evidence that carbon dioxide kills the fat cells by swelling them and the extra oxygen eliminates the fluids stored between the cells and the skin is influenced to make more collagen which makes the skin firmer, smoother and younger. The medical history has shown that carbon dioxide stimulates circulation long time back. Since the thirties, in France patient were treated with carbon dioxide for poor blood circulation, blocked arteries and heart problems. There are more research which have shown that Korean carboxytherapy is a very effective method for smoothing skin and reducing fat.

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