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Abdominoplasty Korea

A lot of people are blessed enough to have a naturally tight abdominal area, but others due to genetic reasons or a dramatic weight loss, simply don’t. And that’s when Korean abdominoplasty comes in the picture.

Now, South Korea is the capital of plastic surgery, so it is only natural this procedure is extremely popular there. And if you are actually looking to get anything done, you should definitely get it done there!


What is an abdominoplasty Korea?

A Korean abdominoplasty is a cosmetic or plastic surgery that is based on removing and tighten up the skin around the abdominal area in order to achieve a tight, smooth and in just a couple of hours.

It is most commonly known as a tummy tuck, and it is also a great complementary cosmetic surgery to liposuction. As a matter of fact, most people usually get these two surgeries done at the same appointment not only to remove fat but to remove excess skin as well.

A tummy tuck Korea is a relatively quick, non-invasive surgery that takes off all the extra skin that you can’t naturally get rid of by yourself. The idea is for your abdominal area to feel tight since the skin and the muscles are being stretched out.


Important information about the Korean tummy tuck plastic surgery

Like we said before, this surgery is pretty standard, quick, and it is mostly done for cosmetic reasons. Now, before you get into surgery, here are is some useful information about the procedure you should know.

  1. The surgery lasts an average of 2 to 3 hours tops.
  2. You will be under general anesthesia the whole time.
  3. The recovery time is 1 week, being able to come back to your day to day activities 7 days after the surgery, and getting your stitches removed two weeks later after the surgery. Meaning, it is a total of two weeks of recovery time.
  4. You will be required to stay hospitalized for a whole day but will be able to head back home after that. However, you will have to stay in South Korea for two weeks (Until your stitches get removed)

As you might be able to notice, these type of surgeries isn’t invasive or painful at all. They are considered pretty standard procedures and you will be left with a beautiful, flat tummy, in a matter of two weeks!

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